I do not think I have ever been so tired in my entire life.

Do you feel the same?

The days are filled with love, laughter, frustrations, decisions. I am exhausted.

But when night comes, I cannot sleep.

Dreams are vague and disparate.

I grind my teeth so much my cat smacks me in the face.

I wake up and stare at the shadows. Are they tired too?

Am I a shadow?

If you have suggestions, dear reader, let me know so I can ignore them.

Too tired to try harder. Too tired to think more.

I am afraid no one gets my best anymore, not even myself.

Do you feel the same?

Do we feel the same as before?

Do we feel anymore?

If this made you feel a thing, feel free to visit my page and read some of my stories. They may help you sleep. 😉