How to Start Writing… Anything!

Going to take a minute to help the community here, I promised myself this blog would be ONLY for my short stories… But I really like helping people too… So.. I apologize profusely to both myself and you, dear reader.


We have all been there before:


Step 1,2,3: Breathe.  Again!

You’re gonna be just fine, tiny dancer.  You can write, you haven’t hit a block, you haven’t lost your skill.  It’s aaaaalllllll good.  You are a great writer, don’t worry.  I believe in you.

What you do have to do is this — and trust me I know it sounds too easy, and oversimplified.  But bear with me.

Step 4?

Just write ANYTHING.  If you’re typing, just start typing something relevant to what you are writing about.  A general outline works great, especially for academic writing where you have to clearly organize your thoughts.

If you have a pen and paper drawing helps too, even if you aren’t an artist.

Just the simple act of scribbling gets rid of the blank page.  If you are writing a story, or a poem, try to draw an aspect of the subject.  Try to make it relevant.

Keep that process going until the juices flow.

Step 5:

Once the juices are flowing, and you are writing something relevant to what your topic is, KEEP WRITING UNTIL YOU CRAMP UP.  You can always go back and whittle off what is useless, or rearrange the ideas.

But turning a blank page into anything else at all helps me tons.  

And I hope it helps you, too.  Good luck, and for all the gods’ sakes – 


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